Electrical Parts

Electrical Parts come with a 7 days warranty from the day you have received the item and in the most unlikely event if the item fails within seven days we will only exchange the parts.

Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts come with a guarantee / warranty of 30 days from the date of purchase. Only the parts listed on your invoice / receipt are covered by the warranty.

All engines must be fitted with a new timing belt / chain, water pump, oil filter, thermostat, spark plugs and filled with new (correct grading) oil upon installation. Failure to follow these PROCEDURES will result in the guarantee / warranty being rendered NULL and  VOID.

If previous overheating has been experienced a new/reconditioned radiator must be fitted when the engine is replaced. Proper oil and coolant levels must be maintained at all times for warranty to be valid. If Heat Tabs have been melted, tampered with, damaged, or are missing then warranty will be deemed void.

Cylinder heads and Engines  holds warrenty against cracks, excessive smoking, bad cam or crankshafts and to be in good running order unless otherwise stated.

Please ensure all gearboxes are filled with new (correct grading) oil upon installation.

No part should be altered, modified or dismantled in any way without prior permission from EASY CARPARTS LTD. Failure to comply with these will invalidate your warranty.

All warranty installations must be carried out by a certified/reputable fitter as improper installation will void this warranty and all claims must be presented within the time scale stated for the warranty to be valid.

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